Follow up for Deutsche Bücher für B2-C1 Niveau

Hello everyone!!! Are you stuck home like me and looking through your own library of what to read next? I knew it, and this is how I come to help!!

I finally got some extra time (the time that normally I would spend on the commute to work or going out with friends, yeah cut on that a lot who needs it actually? haha) and I decided to share with you some books on my reading list for 2020. First of all this year I committed myself to read 52 books, and I must say I take it seriously. Wherever I look in the apartment I have books. Intentionally placed them everywhere in case I decide to read something while I eat, look outside the window, before I go to bed and when I wake up (too early) in the morning. I seriously have books EVERYWHERE…next to my bed, on my bed, under my pillow, on my desk, in the living room. And I am not joking!! Having this goal actually helped, and helped in the way of self-discipline. So whenever I have half an hour free, or a break between tasks (I do that often) I really like to relax with a book. Reading more and more resulted in the creation of a habit and that also influenced how much time I spend on social media, which I am really happy about.

Reading more books this year was a big goal, but another goal that go hand in hand with this one is to read more books in German. I still push myself to learn German and as I mentioned in this post Deutsche Bücher für B2-C1 Niveau I still believe reading books in German will help me a lot with the language.

Strongly motivated I started reading in German. Some of the books I read this year are shown below, please take a look.

Daniel Glattauer was already my favorite, so it was easy to pick this one up. It is a nice, original story about a dog and two people and how their lives came together as a result of some happy incidents.

Jorge Bucay with his collection of short stories helped me to reflect more on what was happening around me. These are not just some random stories, they are very profound and bearing morals. I think these stories are good for every person, and can be translated into valuable life lessons. My first encounter with Jorge Bucay and I loved it.

I received the book of Erich Kastner as a present from my friend who knows that I want to improve my German. To be honest I would also recommend all the books of Erich Kastner for this purpose and not only. It represents a cute novel, about three men and a couple of incidents, that are fun to observe. Sometimes funny, other times serious, in general I liked it and didn’t disappoint.

Wow!!! I liked Tschick, a lot!! On the goodreads app rating the book has 3,83 stars which is less than my 5 stars rating. I read a bit through other peoples reviews and still don’t get why some people don’t like it. I remember I finished the book in 4 days, the last day it was Thursday and I had a flight in the afternoon to Moldova, already dressed but still holding my book to finish the story before I left. The author is talking about two friends going on an adventure and it brought me back to my own childhood and all the crazy stuff we did as kids.

One of my favorite book I read in German this year is definitely “Where the crawdads sing” by Delia Owens. For the first time I experienced reading the book and listening the audio book simultaneously, and it shocked me how powerful the whole reading experience was. It got me crying so many times and I felt so upset for all the things that happened to Kya and if all this would have been real I would be her biggest fan. After reading this book I started thinking how do you recommend a book to someone , and how do you persuade someone to read it. I am trying to convince my sister as this is definitely one of the best books I read, and it struck me that this is not as easy as I expected.

Last but not least I want to recommend you have an account on goodreads. It is the best app to keep all your books updated, to search for books, and to keep up with your friends and reading challenges. I am in love with this app. Here below all the links to the books in German read this year.

Der Weihnachtshund

Komm, ich erzähl dir eine Geschichte

Drei Männer im Schnee


Sommer unseres Lebens

Was für immer zählt

Der Gesang der Flusskrebse

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