Gdansk, Poland

The 2018 was marked with the first trip to Poland together with attending for the first time the Open’er Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in Poland. I still remember the day when I and my friend decided to go to Gdansk, it was pouring rain in Vienna. This year I had quite some trips, and I used a lot the services of wizzair. My friend discovered that there are direct flights from Vienna to Gdansk so we instantly booked them, also because of Open’er Festival and Bruno Mars performing.

Gdansk is a lovely city, with nice architecture bearing many years of history. Being as well the largest sea port in Poland, Gdansk represents a strategic city for the entire country.

Gdansk, Poland
The medieval port crane, Gdansk
Streets of Gdansk with distinctive architecture

Since we went in July, we had such a great weather. There are so many old buildings and the city center is crowded with tourists. The Motlawa river represents another crucial part of the city. Given the nice weather one afternoon we went to the seaside. The water was cold when you compare it to Barcelona or Nice, but I did like it. It was fresh and not so many people on the beach. Also the sand was so soft and yellow, lovely.

Beach, Gdansk

Beside exploring the city we also went to the Open’er Festival for one day. The music festival is organized each year on the first weekend of July. It all started in 2002, and today it became one of the famous in Europe. The location is one of the things that makes it so special, it is placed on an old airport of Gdynia.

Silent Disco Stage at the Open’er Festival
Entrance to the festival venue, Gdynia
At the Open’er Festival, Gdynia
Sunset at Open’er Festival
Bruno Mars 

Gdansk was definitely one of the best trips of this year, so rich in history and culture, with the biggest port of Poland, unique architecture and a lovely festival, a must from my point of view. If you are like me, a person who enjoys good food, relaxed environment, music and history, you should visit Gdansk.


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  1. I hitchhiked through southwestern Poland (in and out of Wroclaw) last spring — loved it, but I have to say that from your pictures, Gdansk looks a lot more vibrant with culture and options (not to say I didn’t love Wroclaw with its friendly people and down-home pleasant days).

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