Morning run in Innsbruck

Good morning dears!!

We are still in Innsbruck and enjoying it. Today I started very early mainly because I could not sleep, you know what I mean… a new place, new bed so forget about sleeping. And to be honest sleeping was my favourite “hobby”, this is so sad 😦

But this forced me to get up and go for a run, something I enjoy doing since I first time went running while on a vacation trip to Rotterdam, and then to Malta. Now vacations for me include running. And believe me Innsbruck has an amazing view to offer for us runners.

Usually I go downstairs have a coffee and off I go. Next to the hostel there is a huge park so I decided to try it, unfortunately it was closed but before leaving I met someone, an early bird.

The early bird is actually a peacock, Ambras Park

I love running when travelling. It gives me the opportunity to know the city better in the same time doing something I love.

Nature meets urban, Innsbruck
Cute running path, Innsbruck

Stay tuned for more!!

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