Live from Innsbruck

Hello dears!!

How are you today? It is a lovely day here in Innsbruck, sunny and warm. Me and my girls are having our most wanted and waited girls trip.

We took a very early morning train at 5:30, yeah right that time exists, from Vienna to Innsbruck. Being so early we managed to sleep a bit on the train but I guess that was not enough.

Waiting for the tram on Amserstrasse with a view, Innsbruck

Arriving in Innsbruck we went to the Hostel Marmota to leave our luggages.

Hostel Marmota, Innsbruck

Since the room will be ready only at 2 pm we went to explore the surroundings and this is how we ended up visiting Ambras Castle.

Ebtrance to the castle’s park, Innsbruck
Park and forest in one, Ambras Castle
In the middle of the nature, Innsbruck
Castle ‘s gardens are gorgeous, Innsbruck
Beautiful gardens, Innsbruck
Beautiful gardens, Innsbruck

Now we are back to our hostel to… Huh guess why????? Of course to watch the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which is absolutely gorgeous, I hope you are watching it as well.

Sending you all hugs from Innsbruck and will keep you posted!!

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