Charity campaign: Childhood with Fairytales

I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Whitney Houston

I could not have said it better and strongly share the same thoughts as Whitney Houston. I truly believe that we need to invest in our children, to encourage them daily and to support to become the best of them. This February, when I was at home in Moldova, I decided to offer children’s books to the Kindergarten in our village. Well, the idea started growing in my head a couple of months before, and I was going to buy sweets, fruits, then I changed to toys, puzzles and others. In the end, I stayed with books. Why books you may ask? There are so many reasons why actually. I, myself, love books, and my life would be so sad without them. Books are medicine for our soul, fun, they allow us to travel places we aren’t able to actually go, knowledge, they open new and large horizons, they bring ideas, also they make us happy, sad, excited, hungry for more, they give us emotions, they make us alive. Children love books, they love the fairytales and happy endings. It allows them to dream and to believe everything is possible. There is no bigger joy when you see a child with a book, and his or her eyes brighten with curiosity.

For the charity, I ordered the books from a library in Chisinau, choose the ones I was reading myself when I was a child. It was so much fun as my mom was with me, and I was overwhelmed with emotions.

Library Cartera, Chisinau, Moldova 2018

Since I had to leave on Monday early in the morning I asked my mom to go and deliver them to the kindergarten in Recea. She called after and you could sense how happy she was while she spoke about the experience. I was happy as well that they appreciated our small gift, and motivated to do it again. So I started to check online where I can order children’s books in Moldova. I stumbled upon the website and it was like I discovered a real treasure. It was really easy to use and also the staff very  professional and helpful. You can order them online, only you should go and pick them up at their office in Chisinau.

When I arrived in Chisinau in April, the next day we went to to pick them up. We got a really good deal, and the books were amazing. The lady helped us to count and gave us packages to carry.

img_87121.jpg in Chisinau, Moldova

Inside the shop,, Chisinau
 I asked my mom how many children are in the kindergartens around our village. After long discussions we voted for Voinova and Greblesti, both villages in the Straseni district. First, we (me and my sister) headed to Voinova and packed books for around 60 children. When we arrived the children were playing outside, or on their midday walk in the park. The director of the kindergarten met us, and we informed the reason of our visit and our intentions. She met us dearly, saying that this is a kind thing to do, and the children will be happy to have the books.

Voinova, Straseni
In the courtyard of the kindergarten, Voinova
In the director’s office, Voinova

IMG_8719[1].JPG box with children’s books, Voinova
Straight after we left Voinova, we drove to Greblesti. In Greblesti’s kindergarten there are only 13 children and we had an amazing surprise waiting for us.

Entering the Greblesti’s kindergarten, Moldova

The children wanted to play with us, we instead did not prepare anything but we did not panic. First I asked them which are their favorite fairytales, and then we played flash cards.

Playing flash cards ‘Animals’, Greblesti, Moldova
I was asking here what are their favorite fairytales?, Greblesti, Moldova

I was impressed by their creativeness and curiosity, also pro-activeness. They were willing to play with us all day long, and to be honest I would not mind that. The feelings I had were so amazing and joyfull I did not want to leave the  place myself.

Greblesti, Moldova

I am so thankful that there are people that take care of our children. We need them the most. People who inspire, teach, support and help our children to become their best. I realize that this work requires a huge amount of patience, motivation, creativity and kindness. Thank you for all this work.

For next visit home we will be targeting some more kindergartens, and we will try to bring happiness to more children in the Straseni district by offering them a childhood with fairytales.


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