Breezy Den Haag

In October last year, me and my sister went for one day to Den Haag from Rotterdam. We took a train and it took us only 30-40 minutes. We met with a friend of mine and without an agenda started walking slowly the streets. It was really cold, and sometimes raining. Den Haag has a lot of history, and many important buildings with the royal family present there.

Cloudy day in Den Haag, 2017
Perfect combination of dutch buildings with modern skyscrapers, Den Haag
Binnenhof, Den Haag 2017
Seagulls in Den Haag and a bit of sun
Palace Noordeinde, Den Haag
Peace Palace, Den Haag

For only a couple of hours, I really liked Den Haag, and I am sure I will like it even more when I will get to see the ocean and the beach. Hope to come back one warm day back.

See you soon, Den Haag!


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