Friends + Fun + Festival= Colours of Ostrava

When I think of my friends, I always remember the best moments of my life because they encouraged me for adventures, like to do hiking for the first time, to go ski after a 5 years break, to discover music and fun at festivals and to join for the concerts. I am so thankful for all these amazing and unique opportunities and I am so happy to have them in my life. Last summer I was for the first time to Ostrava in Czech Republic for the famous festival “Colours of Ostrava”. It lasted for 3 days and it was the most intense, music fulfilled, fun, creative, overwhelming, liberating, relaxing and memorable experience of my life.

photo (8)
Colours of Ostrava 2017, Czech Republic
photo (5)
Open space at the festival, Czech Republic 2017

The festival took place on the old coal mine and the place itself had a special vibe and a mystic atmosphere. It is the biggest festival in Czech Republic of multi-genres music, of which I can mention pop, dance, electronic, rock, funk, soul, blues, jazz and many others. The 16th festival of Colours of Ostrava in summer of 2017 was for the first time sold out. On the 21 open air and covered stages performed great singers and bands like Imagine Dragons (heart), LP, Jamiroquai, Midnight Oil from Australia, Justice from France, Nouvelle Vague from France and many others. I was listening to music before, nothing serious just a song here another there. I was not really a fan of any singer or band. After this festival I already went to some concerts, this turned out to be something that I enjoy doing or I like to dedicate time and money. Going to concerts and festivals is another hobby of mine which brings me a lot of satisfaction and joy. Next concert: Imagine Dragons in Vienna, and I really hope for LP, as she stole my heart 🙂

Beautiful lights at Colours of Ostrava, 2017

Beside singers and bands, there were many presentations on different topics. We attended Marks Gungor “A tale of two brains” seminar, and enjoyed a good laugh. If you don’t know who Mark Gungor is and if you are married you should really google him right now.

Mark Gungor, Colours of Ostrava 2017

Another important thing to be mentioned is, of course, the food. OMG – the food was amazing. I love czech food, especially the pork cheeks with mashed potatoes. At the festival you can find a huge variety of meals and drinks, for vegetarians, vegans and also for those who love desserts. The drinks, well what can I say…the czech beer was the best and as you probably know – cheap, but also shots, shots, shots :), wine from Czech Republic.

Pork cheeks with mashed potatoes, Ostrava 2017
Open air stage at the Colours of Ostrava, 2017
photo (9)
Norah Jones, Colours of Ostrava 2017
Dolni Vitkovice, Ostrava 2017
photo (6)
Waiting in line to climb on the tower, Dolni Vitkovice
photo (10)
Open air stage, Colours of Ostrava

I know that this was my first ever festival, but I am just getting started. I never had so much fun and these impressions and adventure will last forever. Hopefully that you enjoyed reading about my first experience at one of the best festivals in Europe, and I at least convinced you to check the line up for any upcoming festival this year. If you are a fan of festivals, please let me know which one was the most memorable for you and why?


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