Geneva for a day

Last summer when I went to Annecy to visit my friend, on my way back to Vienna I stopped in Geneva for a day. I remember that it was very hot, more than 32-33 degrees, and for that matter I would rather have 365 days of winter than 35 degrees. In a couple of hours I saw the beautifully blue lake and the water jet, the church and the promenade. Definitely worth to come back for more days, and to explore this spectacular city.

Green clock, Geneva 2017
Famous water jet, Geneva 2017
Boat on the Geneva Lake, 2017
Challenge to take a photo of the water jet in one photo, Geneva 2017
Scenic views of Geneva, 2017
The city of Geneva, 2017
Geneva, 2017
Mid day in Geneva, 2017
Cannons displayed on the streets, Geneva
Peaceful day in Geneva
Jet d’eau, Geneva
Spectacular view from the other side of the lake, Geneva
Cannot get enough of this view, Geneva
Geneva, 2017




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  1. Thanks, Ambigirl! Now I’ve seen the green clock that I missed when I was there. I was too busy trying to find a sandwich for less than $10 🙂 I’m not complaining too hard though — lovely town and I got some nice pictures too 🙂

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