Visiting friends in Annecy, France

I love to travel, and sometimes combining traveling with visiting friends results in a real adventure. One of my friends from university moved to France, and this is how I ended up to visit Annecy in July 2017.

Annecy is a very picturesque town situated at the bottom of the mountain near to the Annecy Lake. It offers a variety of sports and activities, as you can imagine it has the mountains and also the lake. We spent the weekend with my friend wondering around, laying on the beach, swimming and hiking. Also, not to forget, I love France in general for the great cuisine. Whenever I come back after visiting my friend, I am so motivated to cook and try new dishes. She always inspires me with new recipes, it looks so easy and delicious whenever she cooks.

Cute canals around the city, Annecy 2017
Famous building which was a prison many years ago, Annecy 2017
View over the lake and the mountain, Annecy 2017
Sunny day for the beach, Annecy 2017
You can see the mountains from many different angles, Annecy 2017
Looks like a small Venezia, Annecy 2017
Shades of blue, Annecy Lake 2017
Sunset over Annecy Lake, 2017
The famous canals of Annecy, 2017


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