Trip to Malta

When in Vienna is snowing all day long and is so cold that you refuse to go outside, my thoughts are running to sunny days I spent this February in Malta. I booked my trip using the vtours agency and they took care of everything. Travelling to Malta in February is considered off season and that is why I got a very good deal for the flight, transfer, hotel and full pension. In Malta I stayed in Mellieha Bay which was very quiet, a bit far from Sliema and Valletta, but since Malta is so small it was easy to get around. In Mellieha Bay I checked in at db Seabank Hotel which is also a spa resort. The hotel was really nice, the room was huge and had balcony with sea view and it was modernly designed. Beside this, the hotel offered all kinds of facilities, indoor pools, spa, massages of all types, bowling, a variety of bars and restaurants. Having all that in the hotel and around with a nice sandy beach in Mellieha Bay initially I decided to stay all day long and read, but outside we had like 16 degrees and I just could not.

The first day after breakfast I went to explore the Popeye Village, which was 10 min walking from the hotel. The wind was so strong that at times I could not open my eyes, on the other hand the sun was shinning so bright. An interesting combination. Visiting Popeye Village was really nice and relaxing. There were not many people, so I could take photos and enjoy the benches with sea view. Because of the strong wind, the tour with the boat was not available that day, but this did not have any impact on the overall impression of the Popeye Village.


Cut from a fairy tale, Popeye Village, Malta
Entrance to the village, Popeye Village
Shades of Blue, Popeye Village
Streets and colorful houses at Popeye Village

After the trip to Popeye Village I told myself that I have to see the most of this beautiful country. So, I booked several trips. The next day I took a Hop on Hop off bus and visited Valletta, Marsaxlokk, Blue Grotto.

Entrance to Valletta, Malta
Sunny Valletta, Malta
Marsaxlokk, Malta
Delicious treatment in Marsaxlokk, Malta


We arrived too late to Blue Grotto, and we did not find any boat tours still that day, but I managed to enjoy a nice maltese sunset and a beautiful and angry sea.

The day trip to Gozo that I took the following day was one of a kind. First of all I always prefer to travel alone, to follow my own route. But to Gozo I joined a group of around 30 people and we had a guide. This is my first time I had a guide while travelling.

Colors, Gozo


Going through the tunnel with a boat
Shades of Blue
Once standing Azure Window 😦

Last but not least, I went one afternoon on a trip to San Anton Gardens, Rabat and Mdina, being the highlight of my whole trip to Malta.

San Anton Gardens, the residence of Malta’s President
Mdina, Malta
Interesting story about this house, they say that Madonna wanted to buy this house but the owners did not agree to any money, well after you see the view… you will understand, Mdina

I loved Malta from the first second, it is a beautiful country with an interesting history, unique cuisine and special people. It was a memorable experience for my birthday this year and an amazing opportunity to recharge my batteries and get a full dose of Vitamin Sun and Sea.


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    1. 🙂 thank you Gary. You can be proud of me, this weekend I am doing my best to post about all my trips until now, and you can be sure that I was listening to you. Thank you my friend for your support and advises. Wish you an amazing day.

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  1. Wonderful trips so far! You are giving me great ideas. we want to go somewhere in Sept., thinking of Norway as one possibility. But now Moldova and Malta sound good too.


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