January books and Emojis

Hello dears!!

I hope you are doing great and enjoyed this last weekend at it’s best.

If you are following me on Instagram you saw a couple of posts with books. Well, one of my favorite hobbies is reading. And this year I am planning to do the reading challenge 2018 on Goodreads. The plan is to read 52 books, one book per week.

For the month of January I picked The Snowman, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage, Tell Tale and After you. Here below a little bit of each.

snowmnI started the January month with a book by Jo Nesbo – The Snowman. Bought this one on a trip to Rotterdam and it was recommended to me by the librarian, a lady in her fifties. She said that she read many books by Jo Nesbo and she loved them all. Well, I understand now why. I read the book in 4 maximum days after work. It is a kind of book that you start and read in one sitting, dangerous for those who need to go to work the next day. In one word addictive. The Snowman is a bone chilling thriller with the famous detective Hary Hole investigating cases of missing women and the snowmen that are related to these cases. I loved this book, mostly because I like the story and the flow of the events, and of course because I did not know at all who the killer was until it was revealed by the author. This was brilliant.

tsukuruOn a trip to Bad Aussee with my friend I took Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami with me to read. This was a present and since my friend had the same book, we enjoyed reading the same story on our weekend at spa. It was very relaxing reading Haruki Murakami and the way he writes is unique, calm. The book relates the story of Tsukuru on his journey of finding the truth about his friends from school. So all his friends names represent a color, only Tsukuru has no color in his name. While reading I really enjoyed finding out more about Japan, and since this is a completely new culture for me it was even more thrilling. In the end, well I must say I was a bit surprised with the ending, but I am not going to tell you.

tell tale.pngJeffrey Archer is amazing, one of my favorite authors. I read before “The Clifton Chronicles” when my friend borrowed me “Tell Tale”. I do not even know what to say because everyone who read something by Jeffrey Archer know for sure how great he is. Tell Tale is a collection of stories and it is amazing how each one turns you on and keeps you tuned till the last word. He is one of a kind storyteller and the stories, which are his own experiences when travelling, are entertaining, funny and brilliant.


jojo moyesI want to end this post with a book by Jojo Moyes. One colleague borrowed this book to me in Romanian and it was amazing to read in my own language. While reading I experienced all kind of emotions that is why the emoji is crying with hearts in his eyes, as I was crying too while loving every word, sentence and chapter. It was needed for all us fans of Me Before You that wanted Lou to be happy again. I love happy ends and I needed this book of Jojo to know that there is life after a “break-up”.

I hope you enjoyed my January list of books. Will keep you posted for the upcoming months!!!



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  1. I heard about the Snoman. I think a movie is being made or made based on that book. I also read the first two books of that series by JoJo moyes. Did you see the movie based on the first book?


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