Traumprinz by David Safier

David Safier brings us another great book full with adventures and love, released in paperback in November 2016. I had the chance to meet Safier at the “Traumprinz” book presentation in Vienna, and my admiration and respect for him grew even bigger. He was accompanied by Oliver Kurth, the illustrator of the book. Together, they introduced us to the world of fantasy through writing.

photo (1)
David Safier and Oliver Kurth, Thalia, Vienna

Safier came with an original idea for the public to create a story and Oliver Kurth was drawing the main characters and the scenes the people imagined. While the author was reading some paragraphs from the “Traumprinz” book, Oliver Kurth created a serie of drawings and our story came to life.

photo (2).JPG
David Safier signing the books, Vienna, 2016

The “Traumprinz” is a fantasy-comedy roman, with a lot of adventure, sincere love, unexpected betrayal, mistical characters that will keep you entartained all the time.

Nellie Oswald is a comic artist, who after being heart broken, again, draws in a magic Tibetan notebook the prince of her dreams. For her own surprise, the second day the drawing comes to life, and she has the ideal guy in front of her. Starting this moment, Nellie is trying to bring Retro back to Amanpour, and as well to save the world, while looking for the true love and dealing with own insecurities and disappointments.

Again, I will recommend the book “Traumprinz” to those who want to improve the German skills. It is well-written, with easily comprehensible phrases, and has a touch of humour and adventure that keeps you turned on until the last page. Therefore I will add this book to my collection of books recommended for the B2-C1 level of German.

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