Weekend Escapade: Home

Last weekend was one of the most happy weekends of this year. Me and my sister decided to fly home and visit our mother and grandmother just for 3 days (as I had Monday off from work). On Friday, I worked till 1 pm and then went straight to the airport, where I met my sister who came directly from Linz. We were flying to Chisinau with Air Moldova, my first time with this airline, and I must say I was more then impressed. A slight delay of the flight, and I still believe that Air Moldova airline was amazing. We were offered some drinks and a quick snack, and a welcomed atmosphere during the flight.Since the flight was delayed, we landed at half past six, 15 min delayed for our car pick up.

Quick snack

I thought as we will be home for only a couple of days, would be more convenient to have my own car to make sense of most of the time. The car was reserved from Europcar company and I will share more details about the deal in anther post. We had to drive from Chisinau to the village of my grandmother, a long way and we arrived around 9 pm. I did not see my grandmother for more than a year, and she was very happy to see us as well.

On Saturday we woke up early and after a quick breakfast went to help mom with work around the house.  We cleaned the hen-roost and gathered the eggs first.

Miss Curiosity
Our hens and the roost
The eggs in our hatch

Usually starting August is the harvest time in Moldova. We have many fruits and vegetables in the garden and my mom asked us to pick up the pods, and then some fruits.

Not much harvest this year, but we always thank you for what we get

We also gathered some fruits, and my mom kept a bunch of grapes for us to taste. My favorite are the walnuts, when they are still unripe.

Apples and plums from the garden
Walnuts from our neighbor
Me and my sister eating walnuts
Grapes in our garden
The most tasty apples in the garden

Home to be is great, even if I have what I always wanted in Vienna, I will always miss home. Working in the garden, eating those fresh fruits and being around the loved ones, these pretty much equals to be home for me. Nevertheless, I enjoy every second spent home, and I always want to go back to the place most close to my heart.

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