Looking for Dory at Haus des Meeres, Vienna

Haus des Meeres in Vienna is one of the beautiful attractions of this city. On Sunday, one of my best friends visited me and we decided to head to the aquarium, located near to the Mariahilfestrasse. The building that now hosts more than ten thousand water beings was built during the second World War. It is a tall tower of almost 48 meters, and on top (this will be the 11th floor exactly) it offers a panoramic view over the city and a restaurant “Ocean Sky” with a nice terrace. I recommend to start from the top and slowly go down while venturing in each room along the way to look for Dory 🙂 and we asked everyone who came up on our way. We asked the shark, the Mister Turtle and the playful fishes, and when we got to the crocodile – we gave up :).

On the 10th floor you will find the hammerhead shark tank. They also organize hours when you can see how the workers of the aquarium are feeding the sharks (you might want to check that on their website). The restaurant “Ocean Sky” serves refreshments and pastries, ideal to enjoy with the a great view over the city.

Rainy Vienna

The 9th floor hosts the leavings of Amazonian forest and a roof terrace with leopard tortoises.

Leopard Tortoises
Skyscrapers of Vienna

On the 8th floor you will find the chameleon site with an artificial dripstone height._DSC0294.JPG

Mister Chameleon

On the 7th floor is the gila monster site, new guinea Paludarium and the Pacific Eye.

Fish 🙂
Pacific Eye
The turtle Puppi

The 6th floor hosts the Chinese Giant Salamander and a variety of indigenous fishes.

The playful fish

The 5th floor hosts the large shark aquarium and the deep sea tanks. The shark aquarium stretches to the fourth floor plus a Sharky Cafe.

The fancy fish

The third floor represents the tropical sea life, coral reef, stone corals. while the second floor is the house of the tropical fresh water fishes. The tropical houses look more like a real jungle with free flying birds, as well as monkeys and bats. We saw a cotton-top tamarin, who was very shy for photos. It feels like you are walking through jungle with the birds and monkeys, and the sound of a waterfall in the background.

The Bird House



On the first floor you will find the snakes, saurians and the leaf cutter ants.


On the entrace there is a shop with a huge variety of toys, just do not tell your kids about this :). The Haus des Meeres of Vienna is worth a visit, and of course the kids have the most fun, but I must say that it fascinated me as well.



Don’t know what to do on the weekend? Go and have a 100% fun at Haus des Meeres.


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    1. 🙂 multumesc. mereu d-voastra cu cuvinte dragi care ma fac sa ma simt foarte bine. Incerc si ma bucur ca va place. O seara frumoasa 🙂


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