Cooking with Ana: Summer Salad and bread with goat cheese

Hello everyone!!! I hope you guys enjoy this lovely Sunday and get to relax and gather strength for the upcoming week. Since we always try to use efficiently our time, I am going to share with you today a very easy and fast-preparing salad recipe. Summer is the season when we prefer to spend more time outside than inside, therefore I am always struggling to use my time for cooking efficiently and the easy recipes are always welcomed.

 For 2 persons we need the following:

400 gr chicken breast

4-5 champignons

rocket and corn salad (I make a combination because sometimes only rocket salad is too much)

10 cherry tomatoes

1 avocado

balsamic dressing


goat cheese


rosemary, salt, pepper, soy sauce

Cooking step by step:

  1. I start with the chicken breast by marinating and seasoning it. I add pepper, salt, sometime garlic powder and pour some soy sauce. Try to leave it for at least 15 min, while you heat a pan and put some olive oil to warm up. Before you put the chicken to fry, you can add some rosemary leaves for taste.DSC_0480_DSC0452.JPG
  2. In the meantime I clean the champignons and cut them, and do a bit of seasoning. When the chicken is almost ready, I add the champignons to the pan and let them fry at a low-medium heat.DSC_0487.JPG
  3. Now I get to make the salad separately. For that we need a bowl and combine the corn and rocket salad, cut and add the tomatoes and the avocado. In the end add a pries of  salt and balsamic dressing on top. Let aside.  _DSC0481.JPG_DSC0490.JPG

4. While the chicken with the champignons will get a bit cooler, because no one wants to burn their tongue, it is time to prepared the bread with the cheese. First heat the over to 200 degrees. Then cut the bread in slices and the goat cheese in small rounds. I love the President goat cheese. On top of it pour one-two drops of honey. And put it in the oven for 5 min, or when you see that the cheese is melting.


5. Et voila!!! Everything is ready, just to arrange it nicely on the plate and enjoy!!


Enjoy your food!!!

6 thoughts

  1. Looks delicious (and well written — I would hire you to write procedural documents any day), but did you really HAVE to use goat cheese? I’d rather a spinach salad with beets and raisins!

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    1. hahaha oh my dear 🙂 you are cute … i had too, no other cheese can be better prepared this way :P…. next time i will cook smth with raisins, yeah, that will be next time, more precisely NEVER hihih. Have a nice weekend in Berlin!!

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