Deutsche Bücher für B2-C1 Niveau

I always believed that the best way to understand a foreign language and to “feel” it, is by reading books and remembering as many expressions as possible. For my birthday I received a German book from a good friend. At the beginning I was very skeptical that I can actually read it and  finally understand it, since my German knowledge had worsen considering I speak English at work and Romanian home. In the end, I could not be more wrong.

IMG_5095The first book I read in German is “Mieses Karma” written by David Safier. I would recommend David Safier’s books in general, as the author uses easy language phrases and expressions, in a humorous way. The story starts with a famous TV presenter, Kim, who is hit by a WC of a space ship and dies instantly. Kim is then reborn in an ant and soon realizes that as more good karma she gains the bigger animal she will be reborn, her only main goal is to reconnect with her family, especially beloved daughter. Her long journey of gathering good karma begins. The story is rich in funny moments, and many readers of this book (including myself) recommend not to read the book in public spaces as you may burst into laugh out loud. There is a second part to Mieses Karma, which I am planning to read. Another book by the same author which I am reading at the moment is “Plötzlich Shakespeare”, with the same level of humor.


IMG_5096After David Safier, who literally awakened my desire to read books in German, I was recommended by an assistant of a book store in Vienna to read something by Daniel Glattauer. The author wrote the roman “Gut gegen Norwind” and “Alle sieben Wellen”. I loved Glattauer’s love story and the style he used to present us this story. The books represent an exchange of emails between the two characters, which make the book easy to read but keeping an intense feeling throughout. These sequel of Glattauer made me fall in love with the German language, to feel the words and made me thirsty for more books.


IMG_5097Now I want to read the author Joachim Meyerhoff – “Wann wird es endlich wieder so, wie es nie war”. I know…I liked the title too. It seems easy to read, cannot wait to travel to Linz and take it with me. By the way this book also was recommended to me by someone from a book store. I guess these people know a lot about books, and I realized I would enjoy working in a library. What books do you, dears, read in German? Please share in the comments, and recommend some to me. As you can see I take all the recommendations serious 🙂

Thank you and have a good night dears!!!


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  1. Thanks for the tip. My German is not as good as yours, but I need to find books I can read. I just picked up a German translation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and it looks good — the ideas are deep enough to keep you engaged but the sentence structure and vocabulary are relatively simple. This is why I read Marquez in Spanish. I think Kafka may be a German writer with the same qualities.

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    1. 🙂 thank you dear Gary for the comment!!! Let me know how is it going with the German translation of Marquez!! Have a nice day, wherever you are right now.


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