Rendez-vous in Paris

Paris is definitely the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to. In the beginning of May I decided for a 3 days trip to the capital of France to visit an old friend and to enjoy a short vacation. We were so lucky  to have great weather, with the temperature reaching 24 degrees. I was so excited to meet my friend and to spend some time catching up while discovering the beauties of this amazing city. Agh and the exquisite food, I must tell that the first thing impresses me of a country is food, while France is so far the winner. All those crepes, cheeses, duck in orange juice and an infinite others delicacies are the reasons I am always happy to travel to France, beside the french language 🙂 because j’adore la langue francaise.

I wish I could just upload all the photos I took, 800 more or less, but I do not want to spam you guys, therefore please take a look below at my top 10 things to do in Paris.

Our first day in Paris

  1. Admire the architecture of the Arc de Triomphe which is one of the must see monuments of Paris that was built to commemorate the people who died during the French Revolution. It has stairs to climb up and have a panoramic view over Champs-Elysees.

    Arc de Triomphe, Paris
  2. The Eiffel Tower. Of course!!!!! It is an amazing construction and I assume everyone that travels to Paris assures to see it. A little tip over here, the tower imposes its beauty when seen from far away. When I got under the tower, where the entrance to the top is, there were too many people, and the queue was  unbelievable long. Everyone says that you need to climb up, because this is a must thing to do while in Paris, blablablablaabla, unless you really believe that and want to spend like at least 5 hours in a queue I might agree, but there are so many more places to see in Paris that are waiting so I walked away without any regrets.
    On the way to the Eiffel Tower


    Spring in Paris
  3. Listen to great music in front of Notre Dame de Paris while enjoying some crepes with Nutella.

    Notre Dame de Paris
  4. Take a stroll along the Seine River. If you have time and resources you can take a boat trip, as it offers an unforgettable experience while the river runs through the heart of Paris.

    On the other bench of the river Seine, Paris
  5. The view of the Louvre Museum and the pyramids is breathtaking. I would recommend to enter the museum and to admire the paintings, of course the Mona Lisa painting, in case you have more time to spend and you are definitely not pressured by time like I was.

    Louvre Museum, Paris

Second day in Paris

  1. Moulin Rouge, guys, Moulin Rouge!!!!

    In front of Moulin Rouge, Paris
  2. Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre (Sacre-Coeur) has a nice park in front where you can relax and enjoy the view of the city.

    Basilique de Sacre Coeur, Paris
  3. The Pantheon – a big impressive building.

    The Pantheon, Paris
  4. Jardin du Luxembourg is a delightful oasis after a long day tour with a 24 degrees temperature and a burning sun above our heads. When we got to the park there was an ongoing symphony concert to which we peacefully listened. Nice way to wait for the evening and just relax.

    Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

Third and my last day in Paris

  1. Day trip to Chateau de Versailles. This is a huge palace, I guess this is the way Louis XIV wanted to present it to us, with a lot to see, starting with the Palace itself, and going on with the many and unique gardens and the groves, as well as the Palaces of Trianon and Marie-Antoinette (more information in this post).

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    1. Ohhh you are like me, I also would walk a lot and see everything, which is exhausting, but at the end of the day I comfort myself with the nice pictures 🙂

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