the girl with the balloon

You know parting sometimes is exhausting too, even if it’s for a good reason. I am feeling very tired (plus I conveniently got a flu:( ) after celebrating my birthday – three days in a row. Yes right, that’s correct. My birthday was on 12 of February and I’d start with a small cake for my work colleagues and then go out with lovely friends, while finishing on Sunday with my lovely sister and family  in Linz. It was so nice to meet all the people who have been kind to me and to hear the heart warming birthday wishes. I enjoyed every second with my dear ones.


I am writing this post to remind to myself that I have a blog birthday too. My first post on this blog was on 12 February 2015. I cannot believe it has been a year since I started to write here. Nevertheless it is true, and this small blog treasure is one of the most important things that happened to me along this entire year.

As my first post encompassed a small bucket list for the upcoming year, I’d like to give a feedback on what I have managed to accomplish since then.

  1. I did find a job after graduation. 
  2. Agh, unfortunately I did not pass the German test. 
  3. I did move to other city. I was living in Linz, since 3 months I am in Vienna
  4. Still on my to do list, since tennis is one kind of sport that fascinates me
  5. Unfortunately not, but still would like to 
  6. I was reading a bit this year, but there is place for improvement 
  7. Yes, I appreciate this enormously 
  8. I wanted to visit Australia, but I did not manage to get a visum, so I guess this is a dream to come true 
  9. I did have a graduation party, and even my mother came to be present 
  10. I recently joined the Lean In circle of Vienna (hopefully that counts)
  11. Unfortunately not 
  12. working on it right now, but satisfied with the result 
  13. Ogh I so planned this, but I didn’t manage to go 
  14. we actually plan a trip in March, so I think this counts 
  15. Yes, going to receive it next week 

That was fun :). I’d like to say a sincerely thank you to all those who have been by my side. My family, who supported unconditionally. To all the readers and followers of this blog, without whom it wouldn’t exist. To all my friends, colleagues and to people in general for being nice to me and contributing to my happiness. Thank you!

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