Missing Moldova’s Winters

These days were hard for me because of the weather. When I left Vienna on Friday evening, I thought I will freeze to death. But when I arrived in Linz, huuu…you better see yourself…

This was me walking home. People would say that Vienna is colder and windy, but I bet now that Linz is “Arendelle” :).

But I guess it’s OK, winter are supposed to be colder, to have snow and so on so forth. Yeah, wrong!!!! This week we had a maximum of 12 grades! Yes, in the middle of winter.

The weather is messing around lately. I just miss Moldova’s winters. I still remember the kind, purely white winters of my country, the winter of 2014 – the best winter in my life. We were driving from the Moldavian-Romanian borders toward the capital, and the view was breathtaking. It was magic. You’d say that trees were dressed in wedding dresses, and everything around – a brilliant white. I’ve never seen such a spiritual purity. Please, see yourself 🙂

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All photos are copyrighted by Photographer Caraman Victor.

7 thoughts

  1. Lovely pictures. The photos are sharp and nicely composed. Your coat looks so nice and warm! I do agree about winter, best when it goes by quickly without too much white stuff. It’s beautiful when it snows, but I just hate having to drive over ice. That’s the only reason I don’t like snow–the ice that inevitably forms. I don’t mind the cold though. I’ll take the cold over ice any winter.

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    1. 🙂 Karina, my dear I also don’t like ice and driving over it. But for me winter is associated to a lot of snow. It is so warm here, that people switched back to coats. I just wish to have a little more snow before the winter’s magic vanishes for 9 months again. Have a nice weekend and thank you for checking up on me :*

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