The Revenant – movie review

I like movies based on true stories, because then I am feeling more close to the subject as well as to the characters. Among those I can mention Hachi, 127 hours, The Intouchables, The Impossible and others.

Last week, I went to watch the movie “The Revenant” by Alejandro G. Iñárritu. The movie twisted me like nothing in this world, I felt anger, disgust, pity, love, compassion, and all this in 156 minutes. I hope you know what’s the movie about. If not, it is important to know that the movie is inspired from the Punke’s roman based on a real story. The author relates a story from early 1823 year in North America. Hugh Glass is a member of a trappers expedition. While running off of the Indians trying to kill them, Glass, the best explorer in this group of hunters, was attacked by a grizzly. He was abandoned by his companions, and left to die alone. Motivated by revenge, Glass survives and is seeking redemption.

I liked the story in general, even if the movie does have some gross moments for example when Glass is eating the bison’s liver, or after he is attacked by the grizzly and his wounds are bleeding, also mentioning the scenes where characters are eating raw meat. During the entire movie length we can observe a tendency of the producer to render the realism of those times. I understand why some reviews of the movie mention that some women or even men aren’t comfortable or can’t digest some scenes.

I loved Leonardo DiCaprio (Hugh Glass) and Tom Hardy (Fitzgerald) playing in this movie together.  They are both great actors, with a very long and experienced acting career and played well like enemies in the film. This is the first time I watched a movie with Tom Hardy in the negative role, but I was impressed by how well he managed to perform. As for Leonardo DiCaprio…it’s difficult to find words to explain how touched I was by the story, and it just got amplified by the way I could see it in Leonardo’s performance. He is an unique and great actor, and I truly wish him good luck with Academy Awards.

Would I watch the movie one more time? Yes, sure, it will be nice to watch it at home with friends on a Saturday evening.

Was I scared when I watched the movie? Yes, especially the scene with the grizzly, and when Indians attacked the group.

What I liked most? The nature! I actually wanted to find out where it was filmed! By the way it was filmed most of the scenes in Alberta, Canada, but it had also some in Montana, USA and other places. The landscapes are epic, and breathtaking. I guess for this story the producer wanted as much as possible to give the feeling of wilderness, and he perfectly succeeded.

Would I recommend the movie to friends? Yes, it’s a great movie and I hope everyone gets to watch it. Enjoy “The Revenant”!!!!!

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