Feeling great reading Lean In

The first book to be added to the bookshelves of 2016 is Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. After a conversation with a friend on which books are good recommendations to read for people that want to pursue a career I ended up choosing this one. And I am excited while reading and finding some of the situations being so familiar to me.

The book reveals the author’s success path and how she empowers women to lead. From my point of view, the thing that makes this book more close to my heart are the personal examples and experiences. Sheryl shares aspects of her life, which not many would feel comfortable to do, and because of that she is brave and she easily encourages women to be motivated and to fight for their dreams, and never doubt their power of achieving the goals. I found myself in some of the situations and it was helpful to understand behavior of others. Another important aspect when you read a book like this is to have facts and data, so not everything that is written is … how people use to say…Blah blah blah, but rather the author tries to give us statistics, to base all her ideas on real numbers and as well other real life situations.

Lean In by Sheryl is a great cultural phenomenon, because the author encouraged the creation of Lean In community on leanin.org, where women that seek power and achieving ambitions can find support by joining a lean in circle. Which is what I am going to do. I actually already did. I joined the Lean In circle in Vienna, and we are going to have our first meeting on 26th of January, yeah I can’t wait!

If you know any other books that are similar to Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, please leave me a comment, I appreciate it!

Wish you all a cozy and warm weekend!

3 thoughts

    1. Thank you Trang! I am looking for more books like this one and review them in the future. It is a pj, and it’s a present for Christmas, so warm in it 🙂


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