Monday the 9th of November 2015

Did it ever happen to you to have a perfect day that even your life is about to radically change?  Yes, I know the feeling. On Monday, 9th of November my life took a new turn, and a so long expected dream came true. So, what exactly happened on Monday?

First of all I got that call, the “You got a job” call. I’ve been applying for a job since my graduation in May, I’ve been to interviews and I had great, as well as not so great experiences. But I believe that everything that happened was meant to happen. I embraced every single fail, and success. And at this moment I can’t express the excitement and, yeah, the feelings I have. I am looking forward to the new start, because it will be in a new city (finally moving to Vienna), in a great company. I will meet new people. So excited. I want to know more about Vienna, since I loved this city from our first rendezvous. Everything is going to be just fine.

Beside this, I got another thrilling call – the Fundbüro Linz found my passport. Yes, I lost my passport in August this year. It appears that I wanted to make a copy and forgot it in the copy machine. The employees of Fundbüro Linz contacted me to come and take my passport. I was quite surprised because I already thought that I need to make the preparations for a new passport, but … I got lucky. A huge “Thank you” to the employees of Fundbüro Linz for their patience and professionalism, and for making me happy 🙂

Also on Monday I went for the first time to circus and I enjoyed it, like a child. I was laughing and had a great time with family. An immense respect for the people on the stage, I think they are special, because not everyone can do what they can. It was the Alex Kaiser Circus. For photos and more details, please follow the link Photos from Alex Kaiser Circus.

I had an amazing Monday 🙂 and I will remember it forever. Wish you guys have eventful days each week, and now let’s clap along with Pharrell because this is what I feel like I want to do.

Have a nice weekend, you all!

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