Indoor Kitchen Garden

Pinterest is so addictive, I just can’t stop hunting for great ideas on this app. The last month I stepped on a post “How to make Indoor Kitchen Garden”, and since I couldn’t take my mind off  it I decided to create my own. You can check for more methods and ideas on Pinterest. It also depends where do you want to have it, and how much space you own for this.

Here is how I come up with a great indoor garden. First, I found two pieces of wood, of 60 cm length and 25 cm width. I bought incolor lacqeur and applied on them. Now the most interesting part: I asked for electric screwdriver and the drill machine. My sister was so scared, so she didn’t allow me to do it myself. I wanted to though 🙂 . I asked my cousin for help. But now I can do it myself, 100 % sure 🙂 . So, using the drill machine I placed the wood on the wall, so that it will have some sun and also will not disturb me while cooking. Then I bought aluminium pipe clamps, for the herbs to hold on. Now as the wall with wood and the clamps were ready for the herbs, I went and buy some from the market. There is also a possibility to plant the herbs in mason jars or beautiful pots. I will have to do this sometime soon.

It is so convenient to have an indoor kitchen garden with fresh herbs you can use whenever you cook. I always use rosmarin and thym for frying, basil for salats with tomatoes. It’s a great thing to have in the kitchen. And also wanted to say that it looks lovely.


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