My September Playlist

One of the many advantages of knowing several languages is to have the opportunity to listen to foreign songs and understand them. I listened to radio the entire month, and now I have a collection of favorite songs which are all in different languages. Let’s see what this pretty girl listens too, ha!

First comes Romanian – my mother tongue. The song is “Nu plinge, Ana” by Adda, is an adaptation of a folk song. She has an amazing voice, and I think I like mostly that she used an old song long forgotten

Nu plinge, Ana

Second is Russian – my second mother tongue. Oh actually here I can list several songs. For example, Время и Стекло with the song Имя 505, or MC Doni feat. Натали – Ты такой or Потап и Настя – Бумдиггибай… I actually like many russian songs. It’s easy for me to understand, and they are more close to my heart.  I find myself in these songs.

Vremia i Steklo

MC Doni feat. Натали – Ты такой

Потап и Настя – Бумдиггибай

Third comes German, as I am living in Austria for the last 3 years. I must say that it’s so hard to understand the German music, but this month I found really good songs, with a great music and very actual message. And it’s easier and easier to understand. For example, Herz über Kopf by JORIS is just …wow…

Herz über Kopf


Fourth comes French. The French music is very romantic, and I am usually listening when I want to be alone. Zoe stole my heart with the song “Mon coeur a trop aimer”.

Zoe Mon coeur a trop aimer

After you have listened to the song, could you tell what nationality is she?? You would have never guessed, she is Austrian 🙂 🙂

I sometimes listen to songs in Spanish. It’s an easy language for me to understand, due to the fact that Romanian and Spanish are both Romance languages. Enrique Iglesias is my favorite singer with songs in Spanish.

Nicky Jam y Enrique Iglesias El Perdón

I, of course, listen to many songs in English from America or UK, but there are sooooo many, that I rather prefer to mention the ones that only some people are listening.

What are you guys listening?



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