Deutsch Kurs am Montag (German course on Monday)

What can I say???? I started today a german course… And when I think I said “I will never go back to any school or university ever in my life…” I can’t believe how wrong  I was. I learnt German for 2 years at the university, and this summer when looking for a job I encountered a big problem, namely German knowledge. I speak German good for a day-to-day conversation, but not enough for a job in marketing. So I decided to take this course, and it was a great decision so far.

I like that I have to meet new people. I always enjoy finding about new cultures and traditions. In my course there are several nationalities: Uganda, Slovenien, Romania, Russia, Portugal, Sweden, Poland. We talked about professions today, and it was interesting to see which professions are typical for women and men in different cultures.

It is nice when the professor remembers you from the first time, and uses your name very often in examples (since I have such an easy name to remember). I like to hear people’s stories. And the most important I like to express myself and learn new things.

I pretty much like everything about my new experience, the only bad thing was that I had to wake up at 6… It requires a lot of discipline.

Have a nice week you all!!!



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