My 25th Summer

The last days was soooooo cold. This is the time when you realize that summer is over…. Yeah, summer is over :(. I feel very sad because of that. This is my last summer ever when I am a student, a rebel, when I am waiting for summer like scholars impatiently. I am now a grown-up, how real is that 🙂 .

I am going to review my summer in this post. So here it goes:

  1. This is me at the beginning of the summer, with the 2 most important persons in my life.
  2. It is good to change something. The most scary thing is the thought of change, not the change itself. I had some changes and I think I did ok.
  3. Things happen to you, when you expect less. So be patient.
  4. This is my graduation summer. I had a very nice graduation party, because mom and sister were with me. I couldn’t wish for more.
  5. The world that expects us after graduation is nothing from the world we were tought about while studying. It’s so hard to find a good job nowadays, and it’s so easy to fall into depression. I was looking for a job for the past three months, starting with big goals, and ending with “Please, I need a job, anything”.
  6. I didn’t go somewhere else like in a vacation, and that is sad, because summer = vacation 🙂  Right?
  7. I started to write this blog this summer, and I really enjoy my virtual friends. Enjoy comments, likes, enjoy to read your posts. I feel like joining a big-virtual family. And I like that.
  8. I visited my grandma and I enjoyed the time home. I actually plan to visit her in November, because of her birthday, but I will see, I would love too though.
  9. I slept a lot this summer, didn’t read enough though. But I spent a lot of time doing home decor, and revealing some other abilities of mine. Had fun here too.
  10. I developed an unconditional love for sports, mostly for running and excercises. I managed to loose some weight, and now I feel healthier and “younger”.
  11. I spent a lot of time to care after my hair. I did a lot of masks and I am proud of my hair right now. I will share some masks I used.
  12. This is me at the end of the summer. See the difference?????… good bye bright colors, red lipstick, warmth, free time, day naps and so many more 🙂

I am challenging you to share your most important moments and events of this summer. I would really like to know what you’ve been doing this summer 🙂 :). Mine was deffinitely a happy one.

Hello, Autumn. I was waiting for you 🙂 .


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