It’s Kronefest! Let’s Party! Linz

Hello everyone!! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend and do all the things you dreamed of during the week. Yesterday, I joined a festival, here in Linz, called Kronefest. The name comes from the well known newspaper “Kronen Zeitung”. It lasted for 2 days, 21 & 22 of August. I guess the whole idea behind festivals is to have a nice time out, dancing, eating, meeting friends, drinking and I am so, so ok with this 🙂 .

Me, my sister and my cousin took the opportunity and joined the big party. The public transport was stopped on the main street, and people walked everywhere. Along the street, you could find stalls with sweets, or sandwiches, candy floss, and so many others.

Sisi waiting to get some food “Gmunden Käsehütte”
Main Street “Landstrasse”
Gingerbread Hearts
welcome to Upper Austria 🙂
Special guest: Anastacia (that is how far I could get, unfortunately)

It was a nice evening and I enjoyed it at maximum!!! Waiting for the next festival!

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