Cooking with Ana: Barbecue

Summer is over, and one reason I like summer is the barbecue. Therefore, we decided to indulge ourselves with some delicious grilled food. It is so easy nowadays to organize a barbecue, because you can literally buy everything you need from the market. I did the same, so I can’t share any new recipe for barbecue, but I did some nice things today though, so this will be the base for the post.

We own a small grill, an electric one. I have grilled first the vegetables, in the following order:

Champignons – clean, add salt, pfeffer, thymian, olive oil, good mix and arrange on the grill

Corn – salt and place on the grill, before serving grease with butter and scraped Grana Padano

Zuchinni – salt, pfeffer, squize half a lemon over the pieces, ready to grill

Paprika – cut into big pieces and grill.


After the vegetables were ready, I started with the meat and fish (forrelli and salmon). I had one chicken, already marinated, which was placed in the oven at 200 degrees for 45 min. The plus of this kind of meat is that it gets ready so fast. The sausages and fish (which by the way were also marinated) were grilled.



When ready with everything, just need to arrange so you can enjoy your meal the best (learnt that from my mom. Thanks btw). Since we were young, it was important to arrange the food on the table, to combine and to ornament, which is something specific to Moldova eating traditions. Need to visit, and see 🙂 .  I usually like to arrange meat with some vegetables and herbs, like basil and parsley (very important). The result was amazing, as well as the food delicious and a great white wine.





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