How to Make a Terrarium

Lately, I had plenty of time to do something pretty, so I decided to do a terrarium. Terrarium is a sealed or opened glass container with plants inside. I got the idea from Pinterest, namely from here and was very happy to try it. Yesterday I went to the Flohmarkt, where I bought glass containers (I got one for 1,50 euro and bought 3 :)) and various succulents. Today, I went to the Bauhaus, a big market for house and garden supplies, and bought succulent soil and little rocks. You may also need moss, unfortunately I couldn’t find it so I went without it.


Having all these, it remains to put them together. It is so easy, you really can do it under 1 hour.

  1. Put some rocks at the bottom.
  2. You may want to add some activated charcoal to prevent mold from forming in between the rocks. (I added a small cartoon, so that the soil doesn’t drip through the rocks)
  3. Add the succulent soil.
  4. Add the succulents. You can combine them as you like, you can add cactuses. This is the beauty of a terrarium, you can be as creative as you want.
  5. On the top you can add moss or very small rocks. They offer a nice view to the terrarium.

Here are some pictures of what I got.




14 thoughts

      1. Here you go…Light is radiation and cactus absorb it to do photosynthesis. They can also absorb radiation like from a nuclear bomb. They can become radioactive if they absorb an excessive amount of radioactive isotopes. If they absorb very much they will die. All life is radioactive to a certain degree from having some radioactive isotopes. Potassium is probably the biggest natural source so foods high in that like bananas are more radioactive than other foods

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      2. Ohhh my god. Sometimes is better if we don’t know… Bananas ???? Really??? Thank you for info. Now i can say for sure that this terrariums also help us 🙂

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