Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Another great book by Gillan Flynn – Dark Places. I’ve read Gone Girl last summer, and it blew my mind. Dark Places has a twisted plot, which I think is something characteristic to Flynn’s writting style. She has a very unique way of writting, which sometimes scary me.

About the book: Libby was 7 y.o. when her two older sisters and her mother were brutally killed in the farmhouse they lived. Her brother, Ben, 15 y.o. back then was found guilty and convicted, mostly because Libby witnessed and because of her twisted confessions. Today, 31 y.o. Libby is trying to find the truth about that night not because she wants to, but because she doesn’t have money. The truth is that she lived her life from charity money, that she recieved while talking about her family’s murder, and now when money are over some people interested in her story paid her for more information. As digging more about the night when her family was murdered, more suspects come along. Her father, Runner, is one of them. He divorced Patty, but he always treated the whole family very bad (he called Patty “a bitch” in front of his children, and other sh*t, one that you cann’t believe), and always asked money from them. Krissi Cates is the girl who spread the word about Ben molesting her sexually, and that added more guiltness to Ben. Also Ben was accused of some Devil worships stuff, and people thought that the family was cursed. Ben’s girlfriend, Diondra, who was pregnant with his child, has an important piece in the act. Who actually did this? Who was capable of this?

It’s a great book if you like thrillers and stories of murders. I enjoyed it, especially the last hundred pages. As while reading “Gone Girl”, I had to guess for myself who was the killer, and I caught myself praying for Ben to get out of prison and Libby to find the truth. I guess this is what Flynn does to us, readers, tormenting us. I think this book requires real nerves and not all people can read it. The despicable characters share some dark places of their lives, and I mean really dark places: Satan, underage sex, molestation, unexpected pregnancy, I just wonder how could the author combine all that in such a great novel. I am really happy to have read it, and now I plan to see the movie which I hope is as good as the book, especially with Charlize Theron (my favourite) the main actress and Chloë Grace Moretz another great actress I like lately.

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