“My” Books

I love to read. I discovered this hobby of mine not so much time ago, but I was really commited to read as many books I can. The genre I prefer most is fiction. I adore the books about vampires, or supernatural beings. It sounds childish maybe, but this is a way for me to forget about reality. And sometimes this is the only thing I am looking when I read a book. I have compiled a list of books I read for the past two years, which I plan to review some time soon. I have a big request for booklovers, please recommend more books for me. I would lovely read them. Thank you.

  1. Nicholas Sparks “The Best of Me”
  2. Nicholas Sparks “The Longest Ride”
  3. Nicholas Sparks “The Rescue”
  4. Anchee Min “Empress Orchid”
  5. John Green “Paper Towns”
  6. Veronica Roth “Divergent”
  7. Veronica Roth “Insurgent”
  8. Veronica Roth “Allegiant”
  9. Richelle Mead “Vampire Academy”
  10. Richelle Mead ” Vampire Academy: Frostbite “
  11. Richelle Mead ” Vampire Academy: Shadow Kiss “
  12. Richelle Mead ” Vampire Academy: Blood Promise “
  13. Richelle Mead ” Vampire Academy: Spirit Bound “
  14. Richelle Mead ” Vampire Academy: Last Sacrifice “
  15. Paulo Coelho “Eleven Minutes”
  16. Paulo Coelho “Witch of Portobello”
  17. Paulo Coelho “Aleph”
  18. Paulo Coelho “Manuscript found in Accra”
  19. Paulo Coelho “The Alchemist”
  20. Suzanne Collins  “The Hunger Games”
  21. Suzanne Collins  “Catching Fire”
  22. Suzanne Collins  “Mockingjay”
  23. Anna Carey “Eve”
  24. Anna Carey “Once”
  25. Anna Carey “Rise”
  26. John Boyne “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”
  27. Gillian Flynn “Gone Girl”
  28. Dan Brown “Inferno”
  29. Lauren Kate “Fallen”
  30. John McGuire “Beautiful Disaster”
  31. D. Salinger “The Catcher in the Rye”
  32. Haruki Murakami “Norwegian Wood”
  33. Ellen DeGeneres “Seriously… I’m kidding”
  34. Guillaume Musso “Central Park”
  35. Gillian Flynn “Dark Places”

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