(EN) Master Graduation 2015

In 2012, after I finished a bachelor degree in International Economic Relations at the Academy of Economic Studies, I won an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. So excited at the time…plans…documents…preparations…a cocktail of feelings and thoughts.For the past three years I was a master student at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria and I managed to learn so many things about me, about life, about cultures. But everything ended this week, when I attended the graduation ceremony.

So, I am officially a GRADUATE (for the second time, but it never gets old 🙂 ).

My last days at the university this spring didn’t seem right, I was expecting something more, I just couldn’t believe it is over. As a master student at JKU if you want to do a graduation ceremony it is your own choice. There are pre-established dates for this kind of ceremony, so you have to apply a month in advance. When I hand it in all marks and documents, I decided that I deserve it. So I registered for 23rd June and I invited my mother and sister to see me graduating.

The day was just perfect.I met some friends that I didn’t see for a while (E, K, M). There was a photographer who did some awesome photos. Than it followed the ceremony. The Dean started with honorable congratulations. Than every graduate took the stage to take the diplom, to make the vows (in german “Ich gelobe”) and to be called in front of all the guests, which were mostly family and relatves of graduates, by the title earned. Officially, I was called Frau Slanina, Master of Science.

Thank you everyone who encouraged me for the past three years, and to those who believed in me because I SUCCEEDED….because I GRADUATED!!!!!! I am grateful to my family, because they were always with me, during my studies and at the graduation. I would like to thank my friends (M, P, J) whithout whom there won’t be so many memories and parties.  And not the last, I am grateful to myself because I was strong, determined and confident enough to make it till here.


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