(EN) Mama’s 50th Birthday Party

On 31st May, our mother turned 50. It’s a beautiful age and we, me and my sister, decided to organize a surprise birthday party. It is very hard to organize a surprise party, as you always fear that someone or even you will tell or make something wrong. Anyway, we decided and we started ahead with 3 months to organize. I spent a lot of time on pinterest.com informing myself about decors and menus. I found some really good ideas which were implemented successfully.

The party was held at the restaurant Favorit in Straseni. We choosed Favorit because our mother and the contact person from the restaurant are friends, therefore Favorit was a good idea. The menu was rich in barbecue dishes, fish, salads, pies and delicious.


First, I  invited all mom`s friends and relatives, which was the hardest thing, because I had to explain that it’s a surprise party and she does not know about it and feared that someone might tell her accidentally. In the end everyone that was invited came to the party.

Second, I started to craft the decorations, as some were things we could not buy. I also decided to ornament the table with small vases and small flowers bouquets. The dancing room was decorated with ballons and big vases with flowers, children were the most happy about it.  And other ideas which can be seen in the below pictures.



Mama was dressed in a beautiful blue-white dress bought from C&A in Linz. Along to the dress we assorted some jewellery (ring, earings and necklace) acquired from Brijou Brigitte in Linz. For the shoes, we went to Humanic on Landstrasse in Linz, and selected a dark blue pair from Lazzarini.

The day was spent perfect around family, friends and colleagues. Everyone came with encouraging wishes and good words addressed to our family. Our grandmother Anastasia was present too.

At the end, everyone enjoyed a big piece of cake and a glass of ice cream.

We sincerelly thank our guests and we trully wish that they had a great time. We thank our mother that listened to us and did what we asked to do, and let herself to enjoy the day. Big thanks to people that helped us to organize such a party for our mother. Thank you!!!!!

As for me, I learned a lot because it is the first time I try to organize parties of this kind. In the end I want to say again to our mother a enormous Happy Birthday and wish her to live the best moments together with us. We love you!!!!

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