A quarter of my life

Today is my 25th birthday. I cannot believe that quarter of my life is gone. Still I have all the nice memories but time is running so fast. I am thinking about what I managed to accomplish and to learn over these years and to share them with you. So here are some personal “advices”.

Be ambitious!!! As long as you have a goal in life you will keep moving. Set goals, this will challenge your existence.

“And, when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist”.

Always learn new things!! When you had that graduation party, and received the far long waited diploma that does not mean that you are done with studies. Never stop learning new things. That’s definitely something that I am proud of: the infinite desire to learn.

Respect your family!!! I know that this may sound childish to you, but no one in the whole world will love and help you more than your own family. They are the one who will always be there for you. And the moments spent with them are priceless.

Organize special dinners or meetings with your parents!!!! After everything parents did to us, at least what we can do is to offer them some of our time. I am having this moment of fear, when I have to leave, and my grandma always says to me:”who knows if I will be here when you will return”. And it makes me feel bad, bad and sad because I did not spend more time with her.

Make friends!!! You are not alone; there are hundreds and hundreds of good people out there. You just need to leave your comfort zone, and meet other people.

Support yourself financial!!! It feels good when you can pay your own bills. So a good advice will be to start working, and gain money for your own “parties”.

Travel, as much as possible!!! A quarter of my life is gone, and I managed to visit only 7 cities and I already know that travel makes up the most valuable experience you can get in life. New culture, new people, new places, and much more, because the world is so big and rich.

Listen to all, but decide yourself!!! No one knows better than you what you need to do or what you are going through, thus, one important lesson in life, especially when you are grown-up is to follow your own heart and mind. Family of course want the best for you, but sometimes they are just trying to protect you, and their advices are somehow objective. Start to decide yourself for your own future.

Never choose someone else over you or other things over the one you wanted!!!! Start to respect yourself, and to like yourself more than others.

Choose the job of your dreams!!! Find a job that you like. Working somewhere for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, it must be something that you like.

Have hobbies that make you happy!!! It is important to do the things that you like to do, for example reading, painting, and decorating and so on. Just pick something that provokes that nice smile of yours.

Do sport!!! I may not be the perfect advisor on this topic, but I can assure you that by now I understood that sport is important to be in form, also to look good and sometimes it even help to get rid of negative feelings.

Always try something new!!! Exotic food, a new kind of sport, high heels or snickers, something that you never considered before.

Do not worry!!! It’s worthless, it won’t change anything. Face it!

Choose people over technology!!! Switch off your mobile, TV, for at least a week. This will help to understand priorities.

If I learned something important in the last year is that life is too short to not be lived!!! Live all the moments and enjoy the life!!!

And as a bonus to this post, I am going to share with you the things I want to do on the way to 26, my short Bucket list for this year:

  1. To find a job after graduation
  2. To pass the German test and to get the certificate
  3. To move to other city, and if I am lucky to another country
  4. To play tennis
  5. To become a volunteer
  6. To read books, more books, a lot of books
  7. To write on the blog
  8. To make the trip
  9. To have a graduation party
  10. To join a club
  11. To go on a big concert
  12. To change my style
  13. To watch the Eurovision 2015 in Vienna
  14. To make an annual trip with my sister and make it tradition
  15. To buy a DSLR camera

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